Atlasprofilax Study Published in Orthopedic Journal

Dr. Kathleen Lewis is coauthor of a paper published September 2021 showing major improvement in headaches, arm pain and TMJ pain after an Atlasprofilax treatment.

“Clinical and Imaging Improvement After the Atlasprofilax Method in a Patient with Cervicobrachial Syndrome and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders. A Case Report” published in Acta Scientific Orthopaedics September 2021

Authors: Lluís Manent, Orlando Angulo, José Gabriel León Higuera, Kathleen Lewis

DOI:   10.31080/ASOR.2021.04.0381

This patient had chronic neck pain, headaches, TMJ syndrome and abnormal sensation, pain and weakness in her arm. A CT scan was taken before and immediately after the Atlasprofilax treatment. After the treatment, improvement was seen in the alignment of the atlas and the C3-4 spinous process. One month post-treatment, the patient had major reduction of headaches and arm pain, and had no TMJ pain. The abnormal sensation in the arm was gone and she had normal function of the arm. The results were maintained at a follow-up eight months after the Atlasprofilax treatment.

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