What is AtlasPROfilax®?

AtlasPROfilax® is a neuromuscular vibrational massage to the powerful muscles under the skull that hold the atlas, the first cervical vertebra, in position.

Who needs AtlasPROfilax®?
In one study, CT scans were performed on the necks of the volunteers. 98% of the subjects had a malrotated atlas. We don’t know for certain why the atlas can rotate out of ideal alignment, but theories include positioning in the womb, birth trauma, falls, car accidents and degenerative joint changes.

What are the consequences of a malrotated atlas?
The neck at the level of C1 is rich in nerves, fascia and muscles. All the tracts from the brain go through the atlas down the spine. Cranial nerve X, also known as the vagus nerve (see article this page), emerges from the base of the skull and travels down the side of the neck all the way to the large intestine. Blood flow to and from the brain is found at the level of the atlas. Fascia, the connective tissue that sheaths organs, muscles and blood vessels, is found in several layers in the neck. Distortions in fascia in one area of the body may cause restriction or distortion in other areas.