"I highly recommend Dr. Lewis. She helped me greatly with my neck issues. I was having the classic atlas subluxation symptoms and after the adjustment I was able to walk out of the office upright again and have my lower back pain gone. Anyone that has neck or back issues I highly recommend starting with the ATLAS PROFILAX doctors like Kathleen Lewis--she’s the best."

--S. Talley

"I have been a patient of Dr. Lewis for many years. When I came to her I was having 5 to 10 episodes of back pain per year. Now I can go a year or more without any pain. When I am in pain I can move through it quickly with her help. I feel incredibly fortunate to be in her care. Not only is she a gifted chiropractor, but she also has an uncanny knack to discern and advise on other elements related to nutrition and energy. She is incredibly kind and caring and is a true healer."

--Ellen A. Ensher, Ph.D.

"A patient with DISH talks about her AtlasPROfilax® experience"

"Cold and numb fingers now normal, chronic severe headaches almost gone, insomnia improved with AtlasPROfilax®."

"Improved swallowing after AtlasPROfilax® treatment."

"A Spanish speaker describes the improvement in low back and leg pain after AtlasPROfilax®."